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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Sign In

Updated: 05/09/2023
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Once you have reviewed the system requirements and have installed the Desktop Application (PM), open Kareo and log in using the email address and password associated with your Kareo user account. Contact your System Administrator for user account details.

If the account has Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled, users must verify their identity in addition to entering their login email and password when signing into Kareo. 

Sign In with Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Double click on the Kareo desktop shortcut icon. The Kareo - Sign In pop-up window opens.
    • To open Kareo through the start menu, click Start > Kareo > Kareo
  2. Enter the Login/Email and Password
    • If the password cannot be recalled, click Forgot your password? and follow the instructions on the Forgot your password? page to reset the password.
  3. Click Sign In. If the Select Practice window opens, click the practice name to access. The Kareo - Two Factor Authentication pop-up window opens.
    Note: Users that have previously authenticated at the same location (i.e., same IP address) are not required to authenticate again for seven days.
  1. Click to select "Email Address" or "Text Message".
  2. Click Confirm. A 6-digit code is sent to the user's email or phone number based on the selected method.
    Note: The confirmation code expires after 15 minutes.
  1. Once the code is received via email or text message, enter the 6-digit code in the Confirmation Code field.
    Note: Users have seven attempts to enter the correct 6-digit code. If the user fails all attempts, the user account is locked and will require a System Administrator to reactivate the user account.
  2. Click Confirm. The Dashboard opens.
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