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Kareo Stuck Checking for New Version

Updated: 01/15/2021
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When Kareo releases an update, you may be prompted to install a new version upon logging into Kareo. If the program is stuck checking for a new version, a certain XML document may have been corrupted during the install and needs to be deleted. 

Close Kareo and follow the below steps to delete the XML document. 

Delete XML Document

  1. Click the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner or press the Windows logo key on the keyboard. The Start menu opens. 
  2. Type "Run" in the Search programs and files box then press Enter on the keyboard. The Run window opens.
  3. Type "%appdata%" in the Open field then press Enter on the keyboard or click OK. The Roaming file folder opens.
  1. Locate and double click the Kareo file folder. The Kareo file folder opens.
  2. Double click the Login file folder. The Login file folder opens.
  3. Click to select the XML document (typically named DefaultUsername.xml) and press Delete on the keyboard. The XML document is deleted.
  4. Open Kareo and attempt to install the new version again.


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