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Sharing Tax ID's for Separate Enrollments


A physician is working with a hospital but wants to open up a new practice using the same Tax ID as the hospital. When the ERAs’ come back, will they come back to the practice or will they go to the hospital because of the common Tax ID?


  1. Would the payers allow the provider to enroll using the hospital’s Tax ID?
  2. If so, would there be any ERA routing problems assuming the hospital is NOT using Kareo?


As long as the billing NPI is separate, then enrollment will be separate:

  • If there are two practices sharing a Tax ID or if it’s a provider who is part of the group Tax ID and NPI.
  • If there is one shared Tax ID but multiple billing NPIs, they should be able to enroll and receive ERAs separately.

For example, the hospital and practice share one Tax ID. The hospital has a billing NPI for institutional claims and the practice has an NPI for professional claims. Each can enroll separately and receive ERAs separately if the payer allows it.

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