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Kareo System FAQs

Updated: 04/01/2021
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Answers to the most common questions about the Kareo system.

Kareo System FAQs

Question Answer
How is data stored and secured in Kareo? We have sophisticated systems in place to keep your data safe and backed–up. For more information, please read our Security Notice.
What port does Kareo use to connect? The port Kareo uses to connect to our servers using TCP/IP connection is 8026.
Can the Kareo Desktop Application (PM) be used with a Mac? Yes, Kareo offers a complimentary companion solution that enables your in-house biller(s) or billing company that use Macintosh computers to leverage the Kareo Billing solution. To learn more, please contact Kareo Support.
Why is Kareo stuck attempting to download or install a new version? If Kareo is stuck checking for a new version, a certain XML document may have been corrupted during the install and needs to be deleted.

Resource: Kareo Stuck Checking for New Version
I'm getting Error 2318 File does not exist / Error 1603 Fatal error during installation. Now what? Customers on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 with McAfee Anti-Virus enabled may receive these errors when attempting to download or install an updated version of Kareo. Typically, restarting your computer should clear these errors, if not, follow the additional steps on the below resource.

Resource: Installation Error 2318 / Error 1603
I'm getting a CefSharp.Core.dll error during installation. Now what? To resolve this issue, ensure the operating system meets Kareo's system requirements and complete all Windows updates before installing the new version. 

Resource: Installation Error CefSharp.Core.dll